Wedding Favors

In our blog post of April 25, 2016, we talked about Bridal Party Gifts. Today we are going to address Wedding Favors. If it fits into your wedding budget, it is a lovely gesture to give your guests a small gift. We encourage you to give them something to remind them first of all of you and secondly, of the Lake George or Adirondack region. Our stainless steel key ring that is made at Ketchum Mfg. Co. located in Lake Luzerne is a very functional gift. You may have your names and wedding date on one side of your key ring with the silhouette of Lake George on the other side. They come with a personalized tag that allows you to have a printed thank you note attached.
Our metal ornaments/wine bottle necklaces are a fun piece. An ornament is a popular gift that people enjoy. It will always remind your guests of you.
Whatever you choose…have fun giving your favor.
You may want to look at for other local favor vendors.

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